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I write nonfiction: essays, memoir, and prose poetry, as well as shorter, more humorous pieces. I embarrass my family regularly. I’m interested in how we respond to place, how it affects our sense of identity and wellbeing. I try to pay attention to my surroundings, to look at them carefully and respectfully. I want to feel at home wherever I live. I’m a Dubliner, through and through, but I have a soft spot for the West of Ireland. Who doesn’t?

Lens Change

Some days, you need a change of perspective. You’re tired of the usual vantage points; need something grander, more expansive. On days like these, you head to the mountains. (You’ve friends who laugh at ascribing mountain status to hills like … Continue reading

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Night and Day

You like the feel of the place at night: the theatre and taxis; the restaurants and bars. You like the high-heeled style of it; the buzz and glamour. You’re lucky to live nearby; to have access to a well-designed urban … Continue reading

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Past Pupil

When you were younger, you liked Front Square best: the Campanile; the columns and inscriptions; the symmetry of its architecture. You even liked the cobblestones; forgave their ankle-twisting tendencies. You enjoyed how busy the square could be: tourists queuing to … Continue reading

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Inner Harmony

The main gates are tall and elegant, but you prefer this entrance: a small black door set into the perimeter wall. You remember how intrigued you were the first time you came upon it. You ran your hand over the … Continue reading

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Flight Lines

The beach stretches in front of you: 800 metres wide and five kilometres long. At 6.30 a.m. it’s mostly empty, although when you arrived, you met a handful of early risers in the car park. (A man glanced at your … Continue reading

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Once, you were interested in the house: its gracious form, austere beauty. You wanted to know its history; to learn about the men and women who called it home. You may even have envied their good fortune. But you barely … Continue reading

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Shutter Speed

After the school run, you stop at the park. The cherry blossoms are in bloom and you want to take some photos. (You’ve been meaning to come for days. Why haven’t you come before?) The park is quiet; commuters and … Continue reading

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Grand Stretch in the Morning

Something about the canal cheers you. You pass it on weekday mornings and the tow path is busy, the bike lane is busy. Commuters everywhere. At lunchtime, workers sit on the banks, eat sandwiches and drink coffee. In the evening, … Continue reading

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The Sound of Gravel Underfoot

You come here because you like the sound of gravel. Silly, really. A grown woman, moved to happiness by the sound of stones. Still. You like gravel. Always have. You like how it crunches underfoot; calls attention to itself. You … Continue reading

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I’m Glad You’re Taking Photos

Last night, you fell asleep to wind and rain; this morning, a cornflower-blue sky, still as stone. You knew the beach would be beautiful today; light glancing off channels and pools, a mile of space between you and the sea. … Continue reading

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